Are You Ready to Elevate Your Confidence and Your Partnership with Your Horse?

Have you lost your passion for riding?  Are you making excuses for not riding or only riding when conditions are ‘just right’?  Then it’s time to BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE!

Too many horse women are not enjoying their time with their horses because they have lost their confidence – and they just don’t know how to get it back.   The dream of a true partnership with their horses has become a night mare!

I show  you how to BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE by using simple and effective tools, so you can feel passionate about riding while building the true partnership with your horse that you know you both deserve.

This is the foundation of a TRUE PARTNERSHIP between horse and human:

  • The horse and his nature must be honoured.
  • Trust and respect must be earned, nurtured and and maintained over time.
  • The horse’s welfare must always have priority over the human’s ambitions.

Nothing changes until you do.

Do you struggle with self doubt, analysis paralysis or ‘what if’ thoughts? Then, watch the video – 3 Actions You Can Take Now to Increase Your Confidence with Horses and Riding.

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If you want to build a willing partnership – a true connection with your horse – where you both are healthy, happy and working together with mutual trust, respect and confidence, then I might be the right coach and trainer for you.  Find out more about my background, my qualificationsmy philosophy and what you can learn from me.