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Do you feel like there’s something missing from your partnership with your horse?

You dream of having a special bond with him, but he feels disconnected from you.

You love your horse but sometimes his behaviour frustrates, worries or even scares you.

You try to be a good leader for him, but sometimes it just doesn’t feel like he really sees you that way.

I’m Anne Gage and I work with horsewomen and their horses to help you achieve a positive partnership that increases your trust, respect and confidence in each other.

I help you understand WHY your horse behaves the way he does and give you tools so you know exactly what to do to help him feel calm, confident and cooperative – whenever he’s with you.

Imagine you and your horse being so connected that he responds as soon as your think about what you want him to do.

What would it feel like to have a partnership where your horse loves to be with you – even more than with his herd mates?

“Learn how to deepen trust, respect and communication between you and your horse. You will both become more calm, focused and connected as you develop a willing partnership.”
Happy Horse and Rider

You’ll learn to understand why your horse behaves the way he does – what stresses him out and what calms him down.

You’ll learn techniques that work without using force or gadgets, but do work with the horse’s natural movement
and psychology.

You’ll get rid of unwanted behaviours like:

  • biting, spooking, bucking, bolting, rearing;
  • being difficult to catch, lead or load on a trailer;
  • refusing to go forward, rushing, falling on the forehand.

You’ll become a more balanced and softer rider who can really feel your horse.

Give your horse what he needs and he’ll give you what you want.” ~ Anne Gage

“Anne has a wonderful ability to teach and her smile and laughter makes what could be daunting seem possible.” ~ Wolff Knipping, Amaranth, ON

“WOW! Anne has a wonderful eye! Not much (like nothing) gets by her. She is a gifted coach.” ~ Faye Salsman, Coldbrook, Nova Scotia