Anne Gage ~ Confident Horsemanship
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Is Something Missing From Your Partnership With Your Horse?

You dream of having a special bond with your horse, but he feels disconnected from you.

You love your horse but sometimes his behaviour frustrates, worries or even scares you.

You try to be a good leader for your horse, but sometimes it just doesn’t feel like he really sees you that way.

I'm Anne Gage and I help horsewomen just like you to develop the calm, confident and connected partnership you dream of having with your horse.

I help you understand WHY your horse behaves the way he does and give you tools so you know exactly what to do to help him feel calm, confident and connected – whenever he’s with you.

Imagine you and your horse being so connected that he responds as soon as you think about what you want him to do.

What would it feel like to have a partnership where your horse loves to be with you – even more than with his herd mates?

Learn how to deepen trust, respect and communication between you and your horse. You will both become more calm, confident and connected as you develop a deeper partnership.

When You Work With Me, You Will:

  • Deepen your understanding of your horse. When you really understand why your horse behaves the way he does, what stresses him out and what he needs to feel calmer, then you're able to address the root causes of unwanted behaviour, provide the right motivation for the behaviour you do want, and keep him in the best frame of mind to give you his best. 
  • Learn gentle, effective training techniques that work. You and your  horse will develop more trust and respect for each other when you're not in a battle for domination. When you use techniques that based on equine psychology, learning and bio-mechanics( how your horse naturally moves), there is no need for force or gadgets. And that builds more confidence for both of you
  • Eliminate unwanted behaviours. Instead of trying to just stop the horse from "bad" behaviours (like biting, spooking, rushing, not being caught, etc.), you'll learn how to figure out and eliminate the root cause of the behaviour. Once the cause is addressed, the behaviour generally improves.
  • Become a better, softer rider. Rider tension and imbalance creates resistance and prevents you and your horse from performing at your best. When you become more balanced in the saddle, you also become more supple, able to feel your horse more clearly and able to give him clearer cues with less effort. You will feel the real magic of riding from your seat.

"Give your horse what he needs and he'll give you what you want."

Tracey and Gracie

 Tracey Harnish 

 Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada 


Thank you for another wonderful..fantastic weekend! By far the best clinic yet with Gracie! I feel like I finally made some breakthroughs with her this summer. Even though at times I was frustrated and felt like I was getting no where with her!! Thanks for helping us get on track and for everything you do!!

Learn How We Can Work Together:

No matter where in the world you live, there are ways we can work together

Daniela Maultaro

Hudson, Quebec, Canada


On behalf of all of us at the workshop, let me state that we thoroughly enjoyed the two days and that it opened all our eyes to a much better way to work with our horses. We will cherish your wisdom and try to help each other apply it. Thank you for helping us learn more about our horses and ourselves.

Yolanda Yott

Priceville, Ontario, Canada


Simply put, Anne Gage helped me get my GROOVE back!

Working with Anne Gage is filled with 'Ah ha' moments as you begin to communicate in a way that the horse can understand and start developing a relationship that is mutually respectful. It's incredibly rewarding!

I've known Anne now for several years and under her coaching I've gained my confidence back. I am now riding, jumping and enjoying my horses with confidence and passion.