Anne Gage ~ Confident Horsemanship
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CONFIDENCE BUILDING –  Whether you struggle with your confidence all the time or only sometimes, these articles share my strategies and techniques that will help you boost your confidence so you’ll enjoy all the time you spend with your horse.

HORSEMANSHIP – Your partnership with your horse starts from the ground and then moves to the saddle.  Get my tips for what you can do today to improve your partnership, trust and respect with your horse – without using force or gadgets.

RIDING SKILLS  – You and your horse can be calm, confident and connected in all 3 gaits (more if you have a gaited horse).  You’ll get straight forward exercises and tips for both you and your horse so that you can both be balanced, supple and relaxed – allowing you both to perform at your best.

Let me know what you’re struggling with.  I might write my next article with the solution.

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