Anne Gage ~ Confident Horsemanship
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Are your horse riding dreams turning into a nightmare leaving you feeling stuck, frustrated and disappointed?

Is your lack of confidence, nervousness or anxiety stopping you from doing all the things you want to enjoy doing with your horse?

Have you been getting advice (whether you asked for it or not) from all sorts of people – but you’re not happy with what you’re hearing, it hasn’t worked or it just doesn’t feel right?

Take The CONFIDENCE BOOSTER CHALLENGE And Learn How You Can Be The Calm, Confident and Connected Horsewoman You Dream Of Being

This Course Is For You If You're A Horsewoman Who:
  • Makes excuses to not ride your horse or only rides when conditions are 'just right'  
  • Feels anxious, tense or scared most (or all) of the time that you're handling or riding your horse
  • Struggles with self doubt, analysis paralysis or 'what if' thoughts

Imagine If You Could:

Feel calm and confident with your horse no matter what you were doing together - in the arena, on the trail with friends, in the show ring ...

Have fun as you re-ignite your passion for riding.

Really enjoy riding and say 'YES' to all the things you want to do with your horse ... without white knuckling through it.

What you'll get:

  • Instant access to my 30 page PDF ebook with all the information you need to get started on your confidence boosting journey
  • Information about the 6 effective techniques you can start using right away to feel more confident anywhere and any time
  • Downloadable worksheets, cheat sheets, audios and videos to guide your thinking, support your progress and help you implement the techniques
  • Access to the Confident Horsemanship Community Facebook group where you'll find support and inspiration from other horsewomen on the same journey at you.

What People Are Saying

What you'll learn:

  • What's really behind your 'nerves' and anxiety. There's a real reason that you can't just 'cowgirl up' and push through your fear. In fact, pushing through it can make worse! When you understand WHY it's happening, you can stop being so hard on yourself (because beating up on yourself doesn't help you either).
  • How changing your posture helps you feel more confident. With these posture tips, you'll feel more confident, communicate with your horse more clearly and be better balanced - on the ground as well as in the saddle.  
  • The exact steps to the instant your anxiety starts. The sooner you notice the physical signs of fear, the easier it is for you to stop them from controlling your thoughts and actions. You'll feel calmer and more in control in just a few short minutes. 
  • How to calm your frantic thoughts by controlling your Mind Gremlin.  You can't stop thinking, but you can change what you're thinking about. Learn how to stop the 'what if's' and other negative thinking that keeps you feeling nervous, fearful and stuck. This is much more than positive thinking (which doesn't really work).  You'll feel better about yourself and about riding.
  • Techniques used by professional and Olympic athletes. Everyone - even professionals and high level athletes - feels nervous at some time. You'll learn the same techniques that they use to keep themselves focused and calm so they can perform at their best ability. And, so can you!


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