Confident Rider Confident Horse Build Your Confidence And Develop A True Partnership With Your Horse From The Ground To The Saddle

by Anne Gage

"Incredible material. This has helped me build a better relationship with my horse."
  • Manage your Mind Gremlin: learn simple, effective techniques to stop feeling fearful, anxious and nervous anywhere and any time.
  • Understand what your horse really needs from you: how to work with your horse in a way that helps you both feel calm, confident and connected with each other.

In this book you will discover:

Why You Can't Just Push Through Your Fear

When you understand WHY it's happening, you can stop being so hard on yourself (because beating yourself up doesn't help you either).

How To Feel Calm Quickly

By practicing these simple, effective and proven techniques, you can calm your nerves, anxiety and fear quickly.

How To Easily Improve Your Relationship With Your Horse 

When you understand and give your horse what he really needs from you, he becomes your willing partner. 

How To Unlock Your Riding Ability 

When you apply the keys for being balanced and supple in the saddle, you'll feel more calm, confident and connected with your horse.