Anne Gage ~ Confident Horsemanship
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Are You Ready To Have A Calm, Confident and Connected Partnership With Your Horse? 

Do you want to handle and ride your horse confidently and safely in a way that doesn’t use force or require you to dominate him?

​Are you open to learning different techniques so you can help your horse perform at his best while feeling safe, relaxed and respected?

​Are you ready to become the calm, confident and connected rider you dream of being … and that your horse needs you to be?

Host A Confident Horsemanship Clinic At Your Location​

Hosting a Confident Horsemanship Clinic is an opportunity for you and a group of like minded horse lovers to spend from 1 to 3 days being coached by me at your farm, helping you and your horses work through whatever is holding you back from performing at your best. Whether it's a group of your friends, clients or complete strangers ... You'll have fun doing it! 

The result?

A stronger partnership with your horse with less resistance, more connection and more enjoyment. You'll both feel more calm, confident and connected!

Isn’t it time you started doing all those things you dreamed of doing with your horse … and having fun doing them?

Why Host A Confident Horsemanship Clinic?

Clinics are one of my favourite ways to work with horsewomen and their horses. And my hosts and participants love them, too. They’ve told me how taking a week-end away from the responsibilities in their day to day lives gives them the freedom to focus on themselves and their horses. They’re able to soak up loads of information while connecting with and being supported by other like minded horse women.

At Confident Horsemanship clinics, the focus is on helping you - and your horse - develop better communication, confidence and connection with each other so you can move forward towards your dreams. We’ll find and resolve the root causes behind what’s holding you back from achieving your goals and enjoying every moment you spend with your horse

I’m not offering you any quick fixes. I teach you effective techniques that have long lasting results and create positive changes - in your mindset, in your riding and ground work, and in your horse’s behaviour.

You might want to host a Confident Horsemanship clinic to:

  • make progress in your riding or horsemanship,
  • learn how to resolve behavioural or training issues while using gentle techniques instead of force, or
  • boost your or your horse’s confidence …

​Anne has a wonderful eye in diagnosing and not much (like nothing over the 3 days) gets by her. She is a gifted coach and we were all very lucky that she agreed to come to Nova Scotia.

Faye Salsman
Digby, Nova Scotia

Who Are Confident Horsemanship Clinics For?

All sorts of horsewomen with many different backgrounds. From beginner to advanced - just starting out, with years of experience or coming back after many years away - from teenagers to 70+ years young.

They ride different breeds and ages of horses in all sorts of disciplines (english, western or gaited). Whether they ride in the arena or on the trails, some ride for pleasure and others like to show.

What all these horsewomen have in common is their love of horses, the desire for a true partnership (not a dictatorship) with their horses, and their commitment to putting their horses’ welfare before their ego.

Can you relate to them?

They also know that there are no quick fixes because real, lasting change - whether in yourself or in your horse - takes time, consistent practice and commitment.

I believe the path we travel with the horse is a life long journey. It takes time, energy and a commitment to continual learning to bring out the best in yourself and in your horse.

Like Doris … “The best advice I have ever gotten yet, thanks to you.”...

I was thinking of you yesterday. I have been doing some Yoga, and seeing an osteopath. Getting knots out of my knees when they come back and are getting more flexible. The best advice I have gotten yet, thanks to you. Yesterday I got up in the saddle on Rily. He was so awesome and responsive, no spooking, we rode on the muddy road abit. He didn't want to leave my mare but was so cooperative. I concentrated on relaxing my body and we just connected. You are so awesome Anne. I can’t wait until you see the change in Rily and myself.

Doris Bisordi
Barass Corner, Nova Scotia

Or Marie … “I've never seen Toushe so calm.”

I learned so much from you over these past few days. I wanted to thank you for your patience and stellar understanding of the challenges. I was very impressed by your ability to take all that in stride and show us a new and different way. All of the ground work was so very fascinating, I've never seen Toushe so calm, even when she got frightened, your understanding of what was happening, your lack of fear and ability to get her back calm was a revelation to me. Beauty in motion.

​Even after having been riding just 10 years, I still have some small fantasy it might one day be like in the movies, but ... just like everything else, I've found out, it’s about love, hard work, innocent beautiful animals, financial stress, dedication, motivation, emotional turmoil, ego, setting realistic goals and expectations, and ... oh yes, those beautiful joyful moments.

Thank you for stepping in to help us navigate all of that, you have done it with great skill and I am grateful, I will aspire to the goal of safely moving forward with no stress.

Marie Bartholomew
Toronto, Ontario

What Can You Learn At A Confident Horsemanship Clinic?

Confident Horsemanship Clinics focus on helping both you and your horse be calm, confident and connected … together. So you can both perform at your best while being relaxed and having fun.

​We start where you and your horse are now and set you on the right path to get to where you want to be - Calm, Confident and Connected. Here are some areas that a clinic can focus on:

  • managing your nerves and anxiety so you can handle and ride your horse with confidence 
  • improving riding skills so that you’re always secure in the saddle and communicating clearly with your horse  
  • understanding equine behaviour and body language (including the most subtle cues) at a deeper level so resistance and unwanted behaviours are reduced or eliminated  
  • developing your non-verbal communication skills so your horse understands what you’re asking him to do 
  • training positive reinforcement so that your horse becomes a willing participant in the training process and you can both have more fun together 
  • using ground work to improve your horse’s focus, posture and performance under saddle 
  • building your horse’s confidence with unfamiliar objects or situations so that he stays relaxed wherever you are 
  • resolving a specific behavioural or training problem you’ve been struggling with

How Do Confident Horsemanship Clinics Work?

We’ll have an initial complimentary discussion (by phone or Skype) to talk about what you’re looking for, who the clinic will be open to and whether I’m the right fit for you.

Once we’ve agreed to work together, we’ll select a date and discuss the best format for your group. You’ll pay the deposit and I’ll send you your information pack with all the details you need for organizing a successful clinic.

  • If you’re opening the clinic to people outside of your barn, you’ll need to promote it locally. I’ll provide swipe and deploy marketing materials, advice and support you with promoting it on social media and my website. At least 8 weeks lead time is recommended.
  • Clinic days usually run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm with a registration from 8:30 - 9:00 and an hour lunch break (12:00 - 1:00). It's a nice touch to have refreshments (eg. coffee/tea/water and snacks) and lunch available on-site (include in the cost of the participant fee or sell on the day).
  • Together, we’ll design the best format to fit the goals and needs for you and your friends/clients. Clinics can include a demonstration, discussion/theory session, Q&A session, be in a lesson format or small groups.

What is Your Investment To Host A Confident Horsemanship Clinic?

Hosting a Confident Horsemanship Clinic is not only an opportunity to have me work with you, your friends/clients and your horses in your location, it’s also an opportunity to bring attention to and generate some income for your business or for a charity or other organization.

What's included when you host a Confident Horsemanship Clinic? A pre-clinic strategy call, my support with organizing and promoting the clinic, designing the best format for your friends/clients, and my coaching from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm each clinic day.

What's your investment? $800 per day​

But here's where this gets even better ...

You sell 5 spaces to your friends or clients to participate in the clinic at $160/day 


Interested? Here's What To Do Next? 

Lets have a conversation. You send me an email and we'll schedule a time to talk. We’ll see if hosting a clinic is right for you, and I’ll answer any questions you have.

If we decide to work together, we'll agree on a date for your clinic. Unless you already have a group of people interested in participating in a Confident Horsemanship clinic, it's best to set a date 2 - 3 months away. I'll help you promote the clinic on my website and on social media. I'll also send you a promotional flyer suitable for printing (to post at local feed and tack shops) and sending by email.

Interested? To schedule a time to talk with me about designing your Confident Horsemanship Clinic, send me an email at

Here’s What Others Have Said About Working With Me …

“You have given me the confidence to build a relationship with my horse after two pretty serious accidents”

I have taken three clinics with you in Nova Scotia. Your warmth, sense of humour and attention to detail along with your knowledge of how to communicate effectively with horses combine to make you an excellent clinician. I also like that you focus on the rider and horse in front of you and thus adjust your planning and lessons to that combination.

You have given me the confidence to build a relationship with my horse after two pretty serious accidents (a broken pelvis in one, that happened out on the trail and internal bleeding in another that happened in the arena).

I am pretty certain I would no longer have this lovely horse if I had not attended that first clinic. It had been suggested to me before I met you that I might never be able to build a trust relationship with my horse because of these accidents.

Judith Scrimger
Halifax, Nova Scotia

“The issues I was having with both of my horses … disappeared!”

I was at your clinic just this past Saturday at CARD in Toronto. I stayed a few minutes afterwards to ask specific questions about my horses. I went home and did as you suggested, and the issues I had been having with both of my horses,(different with both) for quite a while now, disappeared!

You are amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to speak and show me what I can do better.

I believe in lifelong learning, especially when it comes to listening to our horses. I feel I will be a much better coach, and rider. Again, it was a real treat to attend your clinic, thanks so much.

Bernadette Gatrell
Toronto, Ontario