Anne Gage ~ Confident Horsemanship
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Only when you make the choice to take a chance do you make things change.

You want to enjoy riding, but you’re struggling. Whether it’s your fear of getting hurt, your self doubt, worry about ‘messing up’ your horse, or just not being able to get your horse to listen to you, you feel discouraged, stuck, frustrated and alone.

All you really want is to have fun with your horse. Why does that dream seem to be so elusive?

Anne Gage of Confident HorsemanshipI can help you.

Whether you’re a first time horse owner, just learning to ride, returning to riding after several years (or decades) away from horses, or have years of experience, I can help you build the positive partnership you’ve been dreaming of with your horse.

Ready to start enjoying riding and building your dream partnership with your horse?


Clinics – My clinics are a great way for you and your horse to get my help. (Check the Events Page for my current schedule.)  If there isn’t an event scheduled in your area, lets set one up! Don’t worry if you’ve never organized a clinic before. I’ll help you put it together. We just need an arena and a few of your friends (or complete strangers) to join in the fun and learning.Learn More Button

One-to-One Lessons – Get my full on, one to one attention for you and your horse. Invite me over to your farm or bring your horse to mine. I’ll work with you and your horse to figure out what’s gone wrong in your relationship. We’ll address what’s not working for you and create a plan that will move you from being frustrated, discouraged or scared to having fun and enjoying everything you do with your horse.

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Distance Coaching – If you’ve ever wanted to work with me in person, but haven’t been able to because of distance, this is the next best thing. Just like in my real life coaching sessions and clinics, you get my full on, personal attention in your virtual sessions as well as email access to me between sessions.  I’m available to make sure you get everything you need from me. I have limited time available to provide these 1:1 sessions.  And I want to be able to give you my full attention. So, I only schedule a limited number of these sessions at a time.   

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Winning the Mental Game (online course)You’ve lost your confidence and just can’t seem to get it back. Whatever the cause – a fall, an injury, a new horse, showing or too much time away from riding – In this self paced video course, you’ll learn the mindset shifts and techniques to help you manage the Mind Gremlin and win the confidence game. You can do this!  Learn More Button


Confidence Booster Challenge Program – This fast track program gives you 6 steps for boosting your confidence. Simple and effective techniques that I used to rebuild my confidence and that are used by professional and Olympic level athletes as well.  Perfect for the horsewoman who needs a supportive environment of herd mates. Just imagine how it will feel when you let go of fear, enjoy riding and have the partnership with your horse you’ve been dreaming of!

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Not sure which option is best for you? Lets jump on a call and talk.  We’ll figure out if we’re a good match and the best way for us to work together.

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“Simply put, Anne Gage helped me get my GROOVE back.

Working with Anne Gage is filled with ‘Ah ha’ moments as you begin to communicate in a way that the horse can understand and start developing a relationship that is mutually respectful. It’s incredibly rewarding. I’ve known Anne now for several years. In that time she’s re-started both my young horses and under her coaching I’ve gained my confidence back. I am now riding, jumping and enjoying my horses with confidence and passion. I’m fully confident in Anne’s approach with horses because once you see how it works …well…it works. Horses and riders in communication, happy and working as a team. Simple.” ~ Yolanda Yott Van Keekan, Priceville, ON


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“It was such fun watching you work with the people and horses and sharing horse stories. The ideas you shared have been hot topics of conversation between us all with many examples popping up with the horses and in life in general. It’s a treat meeting other professional horse women and learning new ways of working with the horse/human dynamic.” ~ Lauryn Tambling, King, ON


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“Hi Anne, I attended a clinic of yours in the past and found it SO very helpful! Changed my life with my horse! This week I have been struggling with work-life balance issues (and since my relationship with my horse ROCKS) and I have gratefully applied the Confidence Challenge concepts to that. Makes me smile every day and resets my mind! Thanks so much.” ~ K. Zwakenberg, Stratford, ON

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