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Attention all anxious, nervous and stressed-out horse lovers, horse owners, and horse riders …

Have you completely lost the joy of riding your horse?

Are you white knuckling your rides or making excuses not to do the things you want to do with your horse?

Do you experience a knot in your stomach, shaking and weakness in your legs at the mere thought of putting your foot in the stirrup?

I know the feelings of shame, guilt and self doubt that come along with that loss of confidence. I understand what it’s like to wonder if it’s just time to give up riding altogether.  

I get what you’re going through.  I know how alone you feel.  Like you’re the only one who feels this way.

I know it and I understand it, because that’s exactly how I felt when I lost my confidence a few years ago.

The good news is that I also know that it is possible to rebuild your confidence and enjoy riding again.

The thing getting in your way right now is your Mind Gremlin. That nasty and negative voice in your head that tells you all the things that could go wrong, that people are laughing at you, that you’ll get hurt.

You can learn to manage your Mind Gremlin as well as all those physical symptoms of fear. You can get them under control so you can enjoy every minute you spend with your horse.  

You can start saying “yes” to all those things you dream of doing with your horse.  Getting in the saddle. Taking those trail rides with your friends. Competing in a horse show.  No more excuses!

Anne Gage of Confident HorsemanshipI’m Anne Gage – a riding coach and horse trainer with over 30 years of experience.  A few years ago, I completely lost my confidence for riding horses after a I was bucked off a young horse.  

Although I wasn’t hurt physically (other than some sore muscles and bruises), my confidence was completely shattered.  It was so bad, that I felt nauseous at the thought of putting my foot in the stirrup to get on any horse!

I even thought I might have to give up what I loved doing the most – training horses and coaching riders.  I really, really didn’t want to do that.  

Instead, I researched techniques that people had used to get past other fears.  Then I actually applied them to my own fear.   It took time and perseverance.  Bit by bit, my confidence grew again.  Now, I help other horse women rebuild their confidence so they can enjoy riding their horses again.

Imagine if you could …

  • Feel calm, confident and connected with your horse – every time you ride
  • Enjoy riding your horse & say ‘yes’ to all the things you want to do with him
  • Have fun being with your horse instead of white knuckling through it

Introducing …

Confident Horsemanship: Winning the Mental Game

Winning the Mental Game eCoures

An online self study program to help you feel Calm, Confident and Connected with your horse.

  • You receive access to the full program as soon as you register which means you can do the program at the pace that best suits you.
  • You have lifetime access to the program so you can refer back to the information whenever you need a refresher.  
  • The 5 modules are available as a video so you can watch, listen and take notes.
  • Download the audio files of every module so you can listen to the lesson whenever it’s most convenient for you – at home, in your car or at the barn.  
  • Each module is designed to help you really understand why you feel the way you do (you’re not crazy or stupid) and takes you step by step through the techniques that I used to rebuild my confidence and that I teach my clients.  
  • The worksheets and exercises included in the program are designed to help you really understand what’s behind your fear, get control of your Mind Gremlin and use the confidence building techniques.
  • You  get access to a private Facebook Group exclusively for members and alumni of the program.  That means you’re not alone. You’re supported and guided by me and a group of likeminded horsewomen on the same journey.

Register for the Confident Horsemanship: Winning the Mental Game program now!  $127

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What You’ll Learn in the Program

  • What causes your fear and why it’s so challenging to get over  (It’s not just you and it’s not your fault.)
  • A simple exercise you can do to prevent your fear from getting out of control – anywhere and anytime.
  • How your mind and body really are connected and how to use that connection to change tension to relaxation quickly and effectively.
  • The important difference between your comfort zone and your learning zone, how to identify yours and why sometimes feeling a bit anxious or slightly nervous is a good thing.
  • How you can safely expand your comfort zone and create a plan of action.
  • Why having expectations and setting goals (the wrong way) can actually decrease your confidence.
  • How to set goals so that you get out of your own way and stop damaging your confidence.
  • Why your level of trust in yourself and in your horse affects your confidence and how your horse’s level of trust in you affects his behaviour.
  • How to improve your partnership with your horse by having mutual trust and respect.


AND, You also receive these 2 FREE BONUSES:

Bonus #1 – My Audio Download – “Improve Your Riding Position with Off Horse Exercises” ($10 value)

Bonus #2 –  a one hour 1:1 Strategy Session with me (via phone or Skype) that you can use anytime up to 6 weeks after registering for the program. During this 1 hour call, we’ll get into the specifics of your situation and create a plan for you and your horse to feel Calm, Confident and Connected. ($95 value)

Register for the Confident Horsemanship: Winning the Mental Game program now!  $127

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Read what participants of the “Confident Horsemanship: Winning the Mental Game” program had to say:

“Thank you! You have provided us with great tools to work with, and for me, the timing couldn’t be better! I really enjoy our group, too!” ~ Peggy McKeil


“I really like the way you’ve made us think about what we have to focus on to get fear under control. I also like the emphasis on the two sides horse-rider relationship.” ~ Kristeen Ungar

Register for the Confident Horsemanship: Winning the Mental Game program now!  $127

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No more excuses!  Start saying “yes” to all those things you dream of doing and become calm, confident and connected with your horse.

“I believe that as confidence grows, fear dissipates…you can’t be both fearful and confident. Your workshops help people grow in their confidence with horses leaving no room for fear; Thank you Anne!” ~ Alana Karachuk

Register for the Confident Horsemanship: Winning the Mental Game program now. Become the confident horsewoman you dream of being (and that your horse needs you to be).

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